If I Could Go Back In Time, Where Would I Go?

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If I could go back in time I would go to the 1950s-1960s. In my opinion, this would be really cool to go back in time because this was around the time my grandparents grew up. It would be cool to see how they lived their lives.

I would go back to the 1950s-1960s. I say this because this was the era when my grandparents grew up. Imagine you could be best friends with your grandparent when they were your age. You could participate in activities that your grandparents liked to do before you even existed. Like for example, my one grandma loved to go skating and my other grandma loved to play jacks. That’s one reason why I would go back to the 1950s-1960s.

The other reason I chose this era is that this was a more carefree environment. What I mean by that is you could go to your friend’s house without having to call a week ahead, you could just go. You could also play in the cornfields, you could go on walks, ride bicycles, and more. All of that you could usually do without your parents being too worried. To be honest, this era seemed more carefree than the era we are in now. That’s the other reason I chose to pick the 1950s-1960s to go back to.

Those are the reasons I chose the 1950s-1960s to travel back in time to. The reasons include my grandparents and they were more carefree days. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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Snow Day!

Today my sister and I played in the snow. First my sister and I got on our boots and jackets. After that we went out. Then we threw snowballs at each other, and it was really cold out so when my sister threw them at me, they felt like ice. After that I attempted to make a snow angel,  but the outside of it made the snow angel look a little messy. Then we decided to just talk and do reenactments in the snow. For example, quotes from movies, scenes from movies, and more. So we just basically walked through the snow. 


Later on I was trying to do something funny, and I ended up accidentally kicking myself in the leg and falling in the cold, wet snow. And I fell like 3-4 times altogether while we were outside (but in different ways). After that we just kind of relaxed and talked outside. Then after that we eventually called a truce to our snowball fight, but she still would throw snowballs at me sometimes. We were going to throw snowballs at my brother’s window (because we usually do that when it snows) but we forgot about it, so it didn’t happen. That’s what I did in the snow today.

Guess The Country!

Hello everyone! I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. Today I want you guys to guess what country I will be describing. Good luck!

This country is on the continent of Europe. Some famous people that lived in that country are Johann Sebastian Bach, Albert Einstein, and more. Famous places that are located there are The Black Forest, The Ultimate Fairytale Castle: Neuschwanstein, The Rhine Valley, and more. This country has a population of 81 million people. 65% Of the highways don’t have a speed limit. This country is covered in one-third of woodland and forests. Their universities are free for everyone! This country has over 2,100 castles as well.

Some other interesting facts are the first magazine ever seen was published in this country. It was the first country in the world to adopt daylight savings time. There are over 300 different types of bread in this country. Most taxis in this country are Mercedes. The president of this country is Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Those are some facts about this country.

Good luck to everyone! I hope you figure it out. Please fill out this form, and guess what country it is.

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My Top 10 Reads

These are my top 10 reads! Their not in the exact order, so I apologize. Most books I’ve read are good, if any of the above books interest you, you should read them! These aren’t all of my favorite books, but I enjoyed all of them just as much. If I had to choose one favorite out of all those listed, it would be North Of Beautiful. I say this because I think it sends a good moral message to people.

  • Girl Stolen
  • Wonerstruck
  • All Fall Down Series
  • One Of Us Is Lying
  • How To Disappear
  • North Of Beautiful
  • Small Spaces
  • Forget Me Not
  • Ghost
  • The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

In conclusion, these are 10 books that I would recommend to someone. I like these books because they all have a different plot, different characters, and more. I created the image above on wordclouds.

Coyote Sunrise Review

One of my all-time favorite books is Coyote Sunrise. I read it when I did book club in 6th grade. I say it’s one of my favorites because it’s about family, animals, and it’s an adventure. So today, I’ll be telling you about the book Coyote Sunrise.

Coyote and her dad (Rodeo) are on a never-ending road trip to EVERYWHERE. They live on a school bus that has been renovated into their home. It wasn’t always like this though. Five years ago when she was growing up, she had a mom and 2 sisters, though they both died in a car accident, so they left. Since then t’s been only her and Rodeo until she meets Ivan. Ivan was founded at a gas station when these kids had a box of kittens for free, and so she snuck Ivan onto the bus.

One day, Coyote finds out that the park in her old neighborhood is being demolished, she decides she has to go back. Now you’re probably thinking “what’s a park got to do with anything?” Before the accident, her mom, sisters, and Coyote all buried a box of papers saying why they all loved each other. But she knew her dad was going to say no. So there was only one way she was getting back to her home, Washington State. She had to make Rodeo get there without realizing he was going there. So then the adventure started.

I recommend this book for someone who likes adventures and family. This book is by Dan Gemeinhart if you would like to check out his other books. I hope you do decide to read this book, but if not thank you for checking out my blog!

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The History Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is on November 26. Thanksgiving is a day to not focus on what you don’t have, but be thankful for what you do. Most families gather on this holiday, because in my opinion, family is a precious thing, that sometimes I take for granted. There are so many things to be grateful for. Where did I get this image? I got it on Unsplash.

In 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England. They left because they wanted to be able to freely practice their religion and not have a king decide their religion for them. Other people on the ship were promised prosperity and land in the New World. It carried 102 passengers. This whole trip lasted 66 days, where they dropped their anchor near the tip of Cape Cod, which they intended to go farther north at the mouth of the Hudson River. A month later, the Mayflower came across Massachusetts Bay, where they finally landed and began the work of establishing a village.

Throughout the first brutal winter, most of the colonists remained on the ship, which in that time they suffered from scurvy (scurvy was a disease with which you got from a deficiency of vitamin C) and outbreaks of contagious disease. Only half of the Mayflower’s original passengers and crew lived to see their first New England Spring. In the month of March, the remaining of the people moved ashore, and then they were greeted (in English) by an Abenaki Indian.

About several days later, that Indian returned with another Native American named Squanto. Squanto taught them how to avoid poisonous plants, how to cultivate (prepare land) corn, catch fish in the rivers, and extract maple syrup from trees. Squanto also helped them form an alliance with a local tribe called the Wampanoag. In November 1621, after the Pilgrim’s first harvest proved successful, Governor William Bradford arranged a feast for celebratory reasons and invited the fledgling (fairly new) colony’s Native American allies, this was including the Wampanoag chief Massasoit. This was known as the first Thanksgiving, it lasted 3 days.

That’s the history of Thanksgiving. I found this information on this website. Thanksgiving for them in my opinion, was for them to thank the Indians and to share peace with them. Thanks for reading!

My Avatar

This is my avatar! It’s inspired by me, but it’s not an exact replica. My ponytail as you can see is pretty high on my head. It’s not that high in real life though. I have a dog next to me because I love dogs and they are one of my favorite animals. I don’t really wear overalls in real life but I thought they were really cute. My shirt on there is purple. It’s purple because that’s my favorite color. The actual denim part of the overalls I made light blue because that makes sense to me. That’s my avatar!

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